Schloss Dürnstein Relais & Chateaux
Employees of the Schloss
Between 80 - 90% of our employees come back after the winter break, even though we run a summer season only and each one is obliged to look for another winter job.

We, the host, are thankful for our permanent staff, because a longtime colleague is significantely involved in the well being of our guests. Who does not enjoy being recognized by the maître?: "Good day, the same table as always?". Our staff members know the habits of our regular guests and anticipate their wishes.
Head Chef Head Chef
Johann Zusser spent a season with Hotel Schloss Dürnstein in the early 90s before working independently for a period of time. Returning and wholeheartedly leading the kitchen staff, he has been an instrumental part of the team here for the past 8 years.

Instead of spending his winters at home, you can find Johann at some of the most-renowned ski resort houses.
Head Waiter Head Waiter
Andreas Meixner, new maître since 2014, has worked in some of the best restaurants and hotels in Austria. His friendly and respectful nature makes our guests feel welcome. We are very happy that Andreas comes back in 2015 and that his wife Melanie Meixner will be our 2nd maître. She too, has considerable experience in the fine dining gastronomy in Austria and Germany.