Schloss Dürnstein Relais & Chateaux
In large part fitted with tasteful antiques, each one of our 47 rooms, with hand-selected furnishings and careful attention to detail, has developed its own individual and unmistakable character.
All rooms have views of either the majestic ruins towering over Dürnstein, the picturesque village streets, or the scenic Danube.

All double beds are fitted with 2 mattresses, two blankets, and 2 pillows. We neither have twin beds nor French beds.

The bathrooms have a WC and either have a shower or a bathtub. Although each room is different, we have designated several room categories based on overall layout and size. The photos displayed are examples.
Connecting Rooms
In case you are traveling with children or friends and would prefer to live in adjacent rooms with a connecting door, we would be happy to accommodate you. Not all rooms connect to their neighbors, but there is at least 1 room in every category that can connect with a 2nd or 3rd room, allowing you to have a large family-size room during your stay.

Please don’t hesitate to relay any special requests you may have. We will do our best to find a solution for you and your family.
Cancellation Policies
A room cancellation must be provided in writing and needs to be acknowledged by the hotel in order for you to not be charged.

We will not charge anything for cancellations occurring up to 7 days prior to the date of reservation. If you need to cancel between 3 and 6 days before, we will charge 30% of the prescribed total; within 3 days, 70%.
No-shows (without cancellation) will be changed 90%.

We kindly provide you the option to pay 100% of the total upfront, and you will receive a voucher that will contribute to a future stay for up to 2 years.