Schloss Dürnstein Relais & Chateaux
Price after 5 Nights
After a 5-night stay, we hope you will enjoy a complementary bottle of champagne as well as us inviting you to an evening of your choice selecting gourmet offerings from the restaurant's menu.
Price after 10 Nights
Nights tend to add up in Schloss Dürnstein

If you spend a total of 10 nights with us over the course of 2 seasons, you become our guest. The total number can consist either of several shorter, individual trips or one long stay. We will make every effort to prioritize your reservations ahead of existing ones.

Please help us keep track of your time here! It sometimes is possible to have had different names assigned to your multiple reservations.
Early Booking Bonus
If you book your vacation well in advance, you can save up to 10% off the normal prices.

This is how it works:
- You reserve your stay here, with or without knowing the total duration of your stay, at least 42 days before your planned arrival.
- You transfer either the sum of the booked room at least 42 days before your arrival date or allow us to bill your credit card.
If you fulfil the two aforementioned requirements, you will be able to save 10% off all the listed prices.

As long as your cancellations occur outside of the normal booking period or you have not yet transferred the room’s costs ahead of time, you can cancel the reservation at any time without any penalties. During later points in time, cancellations will not be possible.

- These perks are possible only when you book directly!
- They are not allowed to be combined with other special price discounts or rebates.