Schloss Dürnstein Relais & Chateaux
In order to provide the most guests with a fair chance of getting a reservation for this evening and because of the terraces structural and special considerations, we cannot guarantee specific spots for everyone. Please understand that we are only able to reserve private tables for parties of 4 or greater.
Here is the menu for this year's solstice.

Apertifs will be served at 18:30

We ask that you understand we will be serving the same courses for all guests and that there is a possibility for small wait times between dishes if you choose to not eat the entire menu. Please understand that we cannot offer vegetarian or other dishes this evening.
Where does the meal take place?
In the case of inclement weather, the hotel will make the decision whether or not to use the terrace. The earlier you make a reservation, the better the chances are for your group to secure a more or less rain-proof table under the awning.

In the rare case that the summer solstice celebrations are canceled due to the rain, we are unable to refund purchases. Rain or shine, the dinner will still be taking place at the hotel.
Billing Policy
For each separate reservation, we will only provide a single, comprehensive check. Guests that wish to split their checks will need to do so separately on their own after the total bill has been settled.
Our parking place is big enough to provide all hotel guests with a spot. Additional restaurant guests are asked to park in one of the towns public parking places and take a short stroll to the hotel. You can also take our stone staircase from the towpath to the terrace as long as it isnt too steep for you. In any case, let us know when and where you arrive, and well be happy to come pick you up!
In order to guarantee your table, a prepayment of 50.00 per person is required. You can either transfer the sum to our bank account within 10 days of making the reservation or provide us with your credit card number when you book your table. If the reservation is made within the last 2 weeks before the event, we will only accept credit cards at the time of the booking. Even in the case of cancelation, this prepayment is non-refundable and will only apply to the food and not the drinks.