Schloss Dürnstein Relais & Chateaux
Parking situation
You are certainly allowed to park your car/mini van in our court yard. Please note that parking is not allowed in the village or in front of our gate.

If you are interested we will reserve space in our garage. (€ 18,00/night)
Arriving by Train
Traveling from Vienna: Take the train from Franz Josefs Bahnhof to Krems. Once in Krems, either transfer via bus or taxi to Dürnstein.

Traveling from Salzburg: Disembark at St. Pölten Hauptbahnhof and then either take a 30 km taxi to Dürnstein or transfer to another train traveling towards Krems. Once in Krems, you can take a public bus or hire a taxi.
Arriving by Plane
Vienna International Airport is approximately 110 km east of Dürnstein. You have the option of renting a car directly at the airport or hiring a chauffeur to pick you up upon arrival. The cost for a one-way chauffeur service is around € 140.00. We would kindly help arrange this service for you.

There are also several transportation options from the airport to Vienna directly which require you to make additional transfers in order to travel to the Wachau. Given the additional steps, traveling through Vienna takes somewhat longer than driving directly from the airport.
Arriving by helicopter
Why not come to Dürnstein by helicopter? Landing on the sportsfield in the east of the town is allowed. Certainly we will then pick you up with our van.

Furthermore you can use this very elegant method of transportation in order to make a special gourmet trip to one of the very good restaurants in Austria.
Car Rentals
In case you arrive without a car, we would be happy to organize a rental car for your stay. Kindly inform us of your plans as early as you can.

You do not need a car to explore the many nearby attractions. It is possible to take daytrips on the bus or hire a taxi for travel. You can also travel to destinations along the Danube on boats.