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More than 400 years ago the tradition to lighten solstice fires in the Danube region has been documented for the first time. The tradition was well looked after and preserved in the Wachau region more than anywhere else.

From the cult about the sun to an idyllic celebration About the roots of the solstice celebrations which are known in many European countries until today there is only little knowledge but countless theories. If it really is a rest of an archaic cult about the sun from "Celts,Slavs and Teutons" which is the theory of most scientists it is neither to prove nor to deny. It is for certain that ritual fires where fought against by the church during the Middle Ages. The tradition was held up high so during the 13th century it came to a change. June 24th was declared feast of John the Baptist so now the strange cult got a Christian meaning by this solution.

The oldest sources mention that solstice celebrations took place in Lower Austria 1604 in "Rosenburg am Kamp" and 1609 in "Klosterneuburg". At the end of the 17th century they are proved nomerous throughout the country. The biggest celebrations took place in the Wachau and Nibelungengau area. In 1754 a general ban ended the fire magic for about a century. Because of several devastating fires it was an offense for the authority and during the Reconnaissance (Age of Enlightment) an unnecessary myth.

During the second half of the 19th century the celebrations came back and developed to lively public festivals. Now there was gastronomy in the surrounding area of the fire places, bands where playing and Johannis specialities such as mead, donuts, gingerbread and fried elderflowers where offerd at small stands. Also the traditional rituals became modern, not only burning wood and pitch barrels but also technology such as rockets and fireworks where responsible for blazing flames. At the same time the solstice celebrations in the Wachau became popular internationally by reports written by travelling journalists.
Celebrations in the Wachau Valley
Occurring June 22nd 2019, one of the most spectacular events in the Wachau is the traditional summer solstice celebration with its picturesque scenery as Dürnstein becomes illuminated at dusk.

Secure your spot soon on our Danube terrace where you will enjoy an exquisite and special solstice menu while experiencing one of the best views of the special celebration. The number of guests is limited to around 150 so that you need to book a table long in advance.

Nevertheless it might happen that some hotel guests release their booking so that you might be lucky getting a table at short notice.
Allocation of the tables

In order to to allow as many guests as possible to enjoy this marvellous evening in our restaurant/our terrace, we cannot confirm a certain table.

You may reckon that other nice guests will share a table with you if you are less than 4 persons.
What's going on this day? What's going on this day?
Every year around June 21st several solstice celebrations take place along the Danube region Wachau which always is a marvelous and colorful event. Romantic looking vineyards lightened by torches and impressive fireworks offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy precious moments which makes the solstice celebrations in this area unforgettable every year.

In more than 20 villages along the Danube region Wachau people take care of this old tradition in a splendid and also joyful way. Not only the great fireworks on both sides of the Danube and an ocean of shining lights along the charming river valley but also the international known wines and regional specialities attract visitors from all over the word.
Table reservations Table reservations
If you want to book seats please write us an email so that we can send you the participation terms and paying details.

A reservation becomes valid in the moment that we receive the prepayment for the menu (by 14 days after making the booking) either per bank transfer or by telling us a credit card number for debiting. Otherwise the booking lapses without any further reminder.

After having paid, a cancellation free of charge won't be possible anymore.
Here you'll find the menu for this special evening.

Cocktail: 6.30 pm
Start of the menu: 7.00 pm

Our Chef Hans Zusser has created a special Solstice Menu for you. Also the pairing wines were chosen with best care and attention. Both menu and wines cannot be changed. If you want, you can certainly skip a course/wine on the spot but this will mean a certain waiting time until the next course will be served. Fewer courses do not mean a reduction in price.
Vegetarians will be informed about an alternative by our waiters.
There will always be ONE invoice per reservation as it is common throughout the world. Splitting is matter of each guest individually.
Our parking space inside the hotel's court yard is big enough for our hotel guests. We therefore kindly ask restaurant guests to park their cars at one of the public parking spaces in Dürnstein. Why note use the beautiful scenery to enjoy a little walk?  Certainly you can use our entrance from the danube path (through the rocks) onto our terrace, unless it is too steep.

This door will be opened at 6.15 pm.
Staying overnight
Please note that there is a minimum number of 3 nights required for this special (long) weekend. A full prepayment of the booking has to be made within
14 days after making the reservation.

A cancellation free of charge will not be possible anymore after that point.