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Nest from the Alps

The oval, closed shape of Benni's Nest gives the baby the protective feeling of nest warmth, while ensuring airflow through openings at the sides and bottom of the cot.
Benni's nest is made by hand from Swiss stone pine.
The wood of the mythical stone pine has always been known for its soothing effect.
It was developed to support a deep, healthy sleep of newborns.

The positive characteristics of pine wood, which grows only in the high mountains of the Alps, have been known for generations: the pine wood acts against harmful organisms such as fungi and bacteria and the pleasant odor has aroused the interest of perfumers and science for a long time: also for the reason because the smell is still as intense after 200 years as it was at the beginning.
For the smallest For the smallest

Benni's Nest is great for kids up to 6 months.

Please let us know when booking how old your baby will be when you arrive.